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10 years of professional engaged in daily ceramics, craft ceramics, glass products OEM/ODM factory.


Nordic Phnom Penh tableware, simple design, Phnom Penh with more texture, outlines the modern beauty of fashion, beautiful and practical.High temperature firing, healthy glaze, no fading, suitable for oven and disinfector.Made of pure titanium, elegant art. Unique bowl shape, a variety of sizes to choose from, all the food on the table.

Oval shallow plate can bring a small amount of soup, food, desserts can match, meet the daily needs.Simple style, the pursuit of practical, comfortable, abandon complex save simple, with a simple form, only for the reason of pure experience, electroplating Phnom Penh, noble and generous, full of a sense of ceremony, light luxury life, is a kind of attitude of respecting the quality of life.

White Phnom Penh simple ceramic tableware set
There are many types of utensils to choose from to meet different preferences, It's also a good match.Ceramic material.High temperature firing, anti slip and easy to handle.Suitable for dishwasher, disinfector, oven, microwave oven.Underglaze color technology.It is made of ceramic material, with crystal glaze, smooth handle and easy to clean.
Ceramic Condiment Spice Jar Seasoning Box Set
Let the taste of the visual and experience are satisfiedWe are looking for natural beauty with tableware, simplicity is a kind of performance of beauty!Bottom vent,Some ceramics need air holes at the bottom to be fired. At high temperature, water in the embryo can evaporate from the air holes to ensure that the embryo does not break, the glaze is more uniform, and the color is more beautiful, which is not a matter of quality.
Snack Bowl With Wooden Tray Christmas Tree
Ceramic bamboo snack tray with Christmas tree .The collocation of porcelain and bamboo, unique shape, let you add a bit of warmth after dinner~~ Lovely Christmas tree shaped plate, 3 ceramic plates and a wooden tray combination can be separated independently, can hold different types of desserts, fruits, snacks and so on, but also very photogenic.The three white porcelain fruit plates are detachable and each detail is carefully designed.Delicate and mellow ,delicate round shape, smooth lines, fresh and natural, you can like it at first sight.Bamboo Christmas tree tray snack plate snack fruit bowl plate breakfast salad plate, let your life is not monotonous.
Japanese Ramen Bowl Soup Bowl Salad Bowl Bamboo Hat Noodle Bowl
Japanese underglaze color and classic spiral texture of the classic atmosphere design, retro patterns and other elements will not be out of date, this combination of Japanese noodle bowl, atmosphere retro, glaze full, smooth and delicate, a kind of simple beauty, a variety of design options.Retro set of tableware ,classic and generous hand-painted, clear glaze, exquisite workmanship, a beautiful combination of retro and classic, porcelain warm, simple and elegant, gift giving and self use are good choices .
Three Piece Ceramic Fresh-Keeping Bowl With Cover and Sealed Ceramic Bowl
Special bowl set for microwave oven, ceramic bowl with cover, large bone china fresh-keeping bowl, three piece set for household heating and sealing bowl,Good helper at home, steaming egg soup, eating dessert, fruit bowl, dry goods storage.?Easy to clean, no fear of oil stains, generally with warm water and soft cloth cleaning can, can not use detergent.It is not easy to leak when put upside down. The silicone seal and fresh-keeping cover are closely connected with the wall of the bowl. The soup is not easy to leak.
Pink Gold Decorative Glaze Marble Pottery Plate
Made of pure titanium, elegant art. Unique bowl shape, a variety of sizes to choose from, all the food on the table.Rice bowl, soup bowl, can grasp the size of the hand, used to hold rice again fit.Common equipment, suitable for Chinese and Western food. Put the soup in a little depth.
Noodles Bowl Soup Bowl of Golden Edge Peacock Green Home Hotel
Peacock green Phnom Penh tableware set ,Gold design / color embellishment .Simple and beautiful design, smooth inside, selected high-quality porcelain mud after high-temperature firing, smooth surface, easy to clean, the outer layer is delicate touch mouth extension gilded, handle more practical and healthy.High temperature underglaze color,Safe process is more assured, the ingenuity underglaze color, insulates food and coating layer,Rest assured of quality, use of rest assured, enjoy food.
Baobaolong Underglaze Color Dishware Set Cute Cartoon Lovely Plate
Smart cartoon design with fresh hand-painted, smooth glaze, delicate texture, easy to clean, good appearance and strength, dedicated to everyone who loves life.Hand painted underglaze color, bright and full color, lovely and fresh, add color to food, turn every ordinary day into a poem.The beauty of food utensils, beauty utensils with instant food more appetite.Using hand-painted and underglaze color technology, lead-free chromium and other heavy metals, not easy to fade, share environmental protection.
Relief Creative Pure White Tableware Breakfast Bowl Snack Bowl Small Bowl
The large soup bowl with creative relief is originated from the tradition with unique ingenuity,The designer makes inspiration from the beautiful elements in the nature, and applies the simple and smooth lines to the porcelain modeling.?Through the display of porcelain, art will be integrated into people's daily life, feeling the beauty and quiet of life.
Retro garden lace bowl and plate set dish plate Western steak plate combination rice bowl soup bowl and chopsticks set
Fresh and interesting pastoral design, bold color, quite chic.This group of lace baking bowls reminds people of the rural style home, full of vitality and vitalityHigh temperature in glaze technology makes the color pattern delicate, glaze moist and safe to eatCreative flower design edge, with the same red stroke, smooth lines, unique texture, a variety of options, to meet the table. More collocation, high appearance, good-looking swing.Can be into the microwave oven, oven, etc., cold and hot, do not worry, do not need to find tableware for the microwave oven.We apply the classic fashion element of plants and flowers to this tableware to make it fashionable and practical. Let it become the home style of life talent to enjoy delicious food. What a wonderful thing it should be!
Cartoon dinosaur rice bowl family Nordic ceramic tableware cute rice bowl set creative personality
Cute cartoon dinosaur tableware——To our three meals a dayCute and interesting dinosaur cartoon patterns, colorful flowers and trees, simple and lovely pictures, easily enhance your dining table atmosphere.A variety of models can be selected to meet the different needs of a family.These are both practical and eye-friendly. Good food, better tableware to bloom, three meals a day, to have more expectations.Pasta, steak, pizza, fruit and salad are suitable for both Chinese and Western food.Smart cartoon design with fresh hand-painted, smooth glaze, delicate texture, easy to clean, good appearance and strength, dedicated to everyone who loves life.
Cartoon Dish Set wanghong household rice bowl ceramic bowl cute cat baking plate dumpling plate tableware set
Warm porcelain and cute kitten, smart beauty and food is very match. Each one is lifelike, not only lovely, but also full of healing system. The Yellow stroke design is a simple collocation, so that the little tiger cat can accompany you in four seasons and three meals.Using hand-painted + underglaze color technology, lead-free chromium and other heavy metals, will not fade, health and environmental protection, ease of use.All kinds of machines can meet different food matching, suitable for all kinds of tableware needs of a family, and exquisite printing adds delicious taste buds.The product is made of high temperature, suitable for microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet and refrigerator.
No more~~
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